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Chapter 99

  • Suzy was stunned. She did not consider that Luis had such an intention. As a woman and a mother, Suzy felt that it was not fair for Naida to be abandoned. Although Suzy liked Luis, her conscience could not afford to hurt a nice person like Nadia. What would happen to Nadia’s children if Luis took her children and had them taken care of by Suzy? If Luis became powerful, he could really carry out his plan to deprive Nadia of her children.
  • Suzy only wanted to be reunited with her parents. As the events turned out, they seemed to be very complicated. Nadia’s children would be hurt if they could not see their mother. As Suzy looked at her twins, she could not imagine what life would be if her twins would be raised by another mother. Suzy could not agree with Luis’s plan. Thus, Suzy decided to take the fair road. She could not make Nadia and her children go through such separation.
  • Suzy had come up with a plan. She sought her mother’s support. “Mom, the twins are so brilliant; I think it is time for them to come back to our local country.”
  • Mrs. Song was perplexed “If you go back, the children are at risk of being spotted by Marvin. Last time, you were scared when Marvin went at Imperial Hotel. You thought that he was looking for you. Now, you are saying he is not looking for you?”
  • “Well, I was misinterpreted, Mom. Marvin was with a woman who appeared to be his wife. They are no longer looking for me. After arriving at Imperial hotel, he left promptly. He did not seek for me. Since Marvin is no longer looking for me. the children and I can go back."
  • “I agree the children are really intelligent, but your Dad and I can not go back. You know that your Dad was jailed, and his case was not cleared yet.”
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