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Chapter 114

  • “You go now at the Flores Mall. Make sure they go through each item. Put emphasis that each one is a collector’s item and there is only one in the world.” Marvin’s voice reverberated in the office. Obviously, he heard what they discussed. If this boss was not happy, everyone would certainly suffer. From his acid voice, it was apparent that he was very annoyed.
  • “Yes, sir. Our schedule of authentication is 1 pm, Sir.” Mr. Peter quickly responded. He almost jumped in his seat. Goosebumps!
  • Because of his sudden appearance, the secretary and the assistant could not look at him. They pretended to be studying attentively, each document threw at them like it was a piece of art.
  • (O___O)
  • Marvin eyed his subordinates again and went back to his room with his back straightened like a tree and hands in clenched in his pocket.
  • “That was close!” Mr. Peter breathed a sigh of relief. Even if it was still an hour away, he decided to drive back to Flores Mall. He better be out of the office now. The boss was too scary.
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