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Chapter 81

  • Suzy's mother nodded her head. "I believe you, Suzy. I am just so excited to hear what your father has to say. I missed your father's voice. I love your father."
  • Suzy just replied, "I know, mom, I know," there were tears in her eyes. She hugged her mother back. With her mother hugging her back, Suzy felt that she could endure any difficulties in the world.
  • It seemed that except for her father being in the hospital, something in her was already recovering. Take, for example, Suzy's mother, who had already awaken from a coma, which meant that she could focus on her mother's disease.
  • Still, she was confident that Luis would have find a good hospital for her mother abroad. What Suzy required now was how to leave the hospital without Marvin knowing it. Suzy was positive that Marvin would not conform with her leaving the country.
  • When Marvin and Suzy entered her mother's room a while ago, Marvin went directly to the chair at the corner and then pretended to sleep; he wanted to apprehend the conversation between Suzy and her mother he closed his eyes. Actually, he was listening to everything that they discussed.
  • Marvin was curious when Suzy's mother asked her what was wrong with her tummy. Marvin presumed that Suzy would admit that she was pregnant, and he was surprised that Suzy denied it.
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