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Chapter 100

  • Now that it was already decided that Suzy would go back to her local country, she started preparing things that her children would need.
  • Luis was melancholic to let Suzy go back to the local country; after all, Suzy was his first love, and he wanted to keep her by his side as much as possible.
  • But because he did not want Nadia and her children to be affected by his plans, he reluctantly let Suzy travel to another country.
  • Luis also chose a place that he thought Marvin could not reach. He did not want that man to find Suzy again.
  • Suzy was the only woman in his heart, and no matter how he tried, he could not find a place for Nadia even if she was very good to him. As to Luis' future plans, he meant to grow old with Suzy. Luis would never be happy with Nadia, whom he treated as a strange foreign woman. Although she was his children's mother, he could not find any single drop of affection for her.
  • After Luis told Suzy about Nadia, Suzy did not ask anything more about his marriage to Naida. Luis was relieved. He thought that Suzy understood him.
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