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Chapter 126

  • Marvin grimly resolved that he would not give this joker any chance to get close to Suzy. If the said man was idle in business, he would make him busy until he got dizzy. A devious smile appeared on Marvin’s lips.
  • The more the young man and Suzy talked together, the worse Marvin's mood got.
  • When Marvin saw that his son Anton tagged the sleeves of his mother to catch her attention, Marvin felt that he had found a good son. He even whispered, what a good move soon, you know how to protect your mother against a bad guy!
  • Marvin also noticed that the young man gave something to Andrea and the little girl opened the bag excitedly. She had a big smile on her lips as she readily accepted it and even gave a kiss to the young man.
  • Marvin’s face grimaced at her daughter’s audacious move. He thought that Andrea was easy to be bribed with small gifts.
  • Unlike Anton, who refused the bag by turning his back away from the young man. It seemed that Anton had more principle than his sister Andrea. Marvin thought that he must teach this little girl a lesson to become more aloof with men.
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