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Chapter 117

  • Suzy’s intense glance towards Mr. Peter made him felt so nervous. If something would go amiss in this transaction, Peter was definite that Marvin would have his neck.
  • Therefore, he was sweating profusely. When he did not make a response, Suzy shot him a peculiar stare. Mr. Peter felt the back of his hair rose up.
  • Marvin and this woman seemed the same. They could make him so uncomfortable by their mere look. They had the same scary glare. And to think that both of them looked so great.
  • How could people with excellent faces be able to penetrate the minds of the characters they were looking at?
  • Unable to find anything wrong with Mr. Peter, Suzy decided to smile.
  • She felt that Mr. Peter was already uncomfortable with the silence. However, the lawyer was smiling meaningfully.
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