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Chapter 60

  • Do Nothing.
  • Marvin inhaled deeply and faced Suzy. "You don't know my mother. She will let you work for hours without a break. But the worse part is, after your work, she will drag you to her wild parties. Orgies and sexual partied of sorts. You want that"
  • Suzy was shocked, she felt goosebumps. "Of course not! But Parties? Could we just tell her that I am pregnant?"
  • Marvin shook his head and balled his fist.  " Absolutely not! The model got pregnant before, and my mother had her aborted her baby. I am sorry, but my mother is a heartless woman. You don't want to have anything to do with her." Marvin's voice sounded disgusted.
  • Suzy thought of the past contest, and asked, " Does she know my true identity?"
  • "No, she doesn't know you are Suzy Song, whose mother is being treated in the hospital. Be thankful, or she will hostage your mother to force you to work for her."
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