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Chapter 80

  • Suzy's mother then smiled again. "By the way, where do you stay now? How about our house, is it clean?Makee sure it is clean because soon I will go home and your father will also go home. Suzy, I'm very excited to be going home with you."
  • Suzy didn't reply and just kept quiet. She had not visited their house. Perhaps it would be full of dust now. She thought that it was already more than five months since she last visited their house. Actually, she would not like to go there because she would have many sad memories. Her father was not there, her mother was in the hospital, and it would be depressing to be going there. So she never asked Marvin to visit their apartment.
  • Suzy and her mother talked a lot more. It seemed that her mother was trying to recall the last time that she and her father were together.
  • Suzy's mother said, "Suzy, have you already learned to cook the chicken soup which your father liked very much?"
  • "Yes, mother, I have learned about it." Suzy just kept answering her mother in a safe tone. She was actually thinking about how to take her mother out of the hospital. Suzy realized that her mother was almost recovered, meaning they could travel together outside of the country.
  • Suzy did not like to give birth in this city. She would like to give birth abroad so that she could take care of both her child and her mother.
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