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Chapter 55

  • Suzy had a deep frown when she could no longer see Luis.
  • "You have a delicate pregnancy, you have to go home and rest."  Suzy protested. She was not happy leaving her mother after the surgery. 
  • "Sir Marvin,  what kind of daughter I am if I will not take care of my sick mother, so can I just stay here at the hospital, and I will find my way back to your place, please?" Suzy did not move and had no intention of leaving the hospital. She would like to return to the room of her mother. Her body was stiff and her feet were stomping. 
  • Marvin's voice was angry upon seeing her resistance. "Suzy, you have no qualification to be disobedient. I'm telling you to go back to my place,  have a rest. You will make sure that you bear the child for me. Iterribleomething bad happens,  I will bring more trouble to you. Remember this again; anything happens to the child,  something will also happen to your mother or worse to your father. "
  • Suzy stopped, and she trembled. So when Marvin held her hand, she did not resist. Marvin thought that he had to be more patient because of her pregnancy. However, he could not leave this curvy woman behind knowing that Luis was just around the corner. He was certain that the reason Suzy wanted to stay was because of that man.
  • "We will see your mother before we leave. Come," Marvin ordered.
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