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Chapter 7

  • Chapter 6
  • The Problem and the Solution
  • Suzy's POV***
  • When money becomes a problem, it is really a problem. We have barely to pay our rent when my mother fell on her wheel-chair causing a blood clot on her head that must be removed.
  • We talked to the doctor and my father was informed that without the surgery, my mother can not regain her consciousness. The clot inside her head veins needs a sensitive operation. 
  • My mother is placed in an induced coma. And as soon as my mother stayed in the hospital, I could barely see my father at home. He was always with her at the hospital. I think my father could no longer concentrate on his work. His face had aged faster than his time.
  • Although I would like to be at my mother's side all the time, my father was adamant that I focus my attention on my schooling, it being only a month away from graduation. As an obedient daughter, I have to follow their dreams for me. At least, it was something I could offer them back.
  • The subsequent days that followed were a roller coaster. Although I focused on my studies as told, still, I needed my parents back at home so we could all have our normal back life as it was. And the sooner my mother was operated, the sooner we could breathe at peace.
  • But the problem was money to finance her surgical operation. I know my father would find ways to raise the amount, but he just made a financial loan for my university. That meant, he would not be given approval for any kind of loan now even if comes to the bank kneeling.
  • I pray I could help my parents. But I know not where to get that money. I even considered selling my kidney but I am not a good donor candidate either.
  • Fortunately, I saw an opportunity to earn money when I visited my father in his work at 9th floor of the MAD group of companies. There was a big poster that invited women with good bodies to join a contest and the prize was a huge sum of five hundred thousand for the runner ups and one million for the grand champion.
  • One million, half a million. I counted with my brain. That should be enough to pay for my mother's surgery if I won. Instantly, I felt that I should take chances.
  • But the problem is, can I do it? The bikini and all.
  • I remember that my mother once said I am good enough to join Miss Universe if I so wanted. She often encouraged me to take advantage of my looks to catch a good husband. It felt weird to me at that time.  But as for me, my mind was made up that I would never use this face. But it seems, there is a need to gain from it now, after the troubles it caused my life.
  • After pondering on it for a while, I called my best friend Linda Smith.
  • “Linda, can you please help me decide over something, you know my Mom needs surgery, please meet me at MAD building, I will show you something” , I called up my best friend.
  • “What is it girl?” she asked when she arrived.
  • I pointed her attention to the big poster. “That bikini contest, with big bucks as the pot prize. Can you help me transform.?” Linda reads the poster and snaps a picture.
  • “Are you crazy, that needs a great body and you don't stand a chance” She mocks me, and thinks I have grown two heads
  • “Come, I will show you my true self”. I hope Linda can help me because if there is any person who knows how to work magic, it is my friend.  She works in a beauty salon, part-time. I needed someone to beautify me, rush.
  • We went to her bedroom, and I tied my hair, removed my eyeglasses, and undressed, leaving my bra and panties on. “well, what do you think”. I turned around.
  • “Good heavens, Suzy!” Linda exclaimed. “You have a great body!.” she also added. “And a face that beauty?!”
  • “But why did you hide this total package? You can hook a rich man on that looks!”. Linda explained.
  • I sighed and explained to her my long desperate story. “I never thought I need to come out with this face Linda but it is worth trying it.”
  • I even made a joke, “maybe some rich man will take a fancy on me and I can even sell my virginity, “ I made a dry laugh.
  • Linda was horrified “Are you crazy? Leave it to me to transform you to Venus. And then when you get the prize money, give me some okay?” She grins.
  • Linda apparently has faith in me in this contest.
  • “Yeah right, and please keep this a secret from Dad”. I asked Linda, smiling. My father would surely be horrified if he sees me almost naked around a big crowd.
  • "Leave that to me, all the secrets". Linda pats my shoulders.
  • So when I joined the contest, I lied to my Dad that I would be away with Linda for a week to finish my graduation requirements.
  • Thus, to prepare myself in this one crazy leap of faith, I stayed at Linda's apartment.
  • I sighed “God help me on this please”.