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Chapter 63

  • While they were on the way to the elevator, Suzy remembered that she wanted to visit her father. She stopped walking and tilted her head and sincerely gazed at him, 
  • "Marvin, could we go to my father's place? I want to visit father tonight and tell him of the good news that Mom had already woken up. please, I want to see father tonight."
  • Marvin also stopped and looked at her eager face. H,e felt the urgency in her plea. He could not deny Suzy's request to see her father; after all, he is her father, and of course, even that person had the right to know what happened to Suzy's mother and the good or bad things that happened to her health. 
  • Marvin agreed, so while going to the basement parking. Marvin instructed the driver and bodyguards to proceed to the prison institution, where Suzy's father was imprisoned. 
  • While they were traveling that night, Suzy was feeling nervous. She wanted to tell her father that her mother started to speak and about Luis's secret plan to leave the country discreetly. Suzy wanted to ask her father whether it was okay for him to travel outside the country and become a fugitive secretly. 
  • She was sure that her father would really ask her how it would be possible for them. After all, Suzy's father was inside the prison, and her mother still in the hospital. 
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