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Chapter 40

  • A woman in his villa
  • Marvin's POV***
  • With Suzy beside me, I do not understand why I just want her again and again. My body craved to own her repeatedly. I was suddenly unsatiable of her.
  • Before falling into exhaustion, I have the sudden urge to wrap her warm body against mine. So, I raised my arms to hug her, but I was surprised when the light caught something wet on her face. I touched her cheeks softly and realized they were tears.
  • She was already in a deep sleep but her face was not relaxed as there was a deep frown around her forehead. At the end of the eyelids, tears slowly fell to her cheeks. She must just have a bad dream, and I felt sorry for her, it must have something to do with her mother.
  • So, I wiped her tears away. If there was something I could praise her for was her deep love for her family.
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