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Chapter 51

  • The Waiting at Surgery
  • Third Party's POV
  • Luis saw everything that the CEO Marvin did to Suzy's face, caressing and touching her lips freely and he was seething mad in jealousy. That is the face he has loved for years. In his heart, he always cherishes her, and even when he worked in another country, he always asks his sister Linda about Suzy and always reminding her to help Suzy all the time. 
  • When Linda told Luis that Suzy was joining a bikini contest, he panicked and immediately booked a ticket back to the country. But there were breaches in their company protocol, and his flight was delayed. 
  • When Luis arrived that night, he immediately rushed to the Bikini contest area, maybe to convince her to quit from the contest, but he was already too late. Suzy had won the competition, and probably exposed her beauty to the hungry predators.
  • And true to what he feared, a rich man had pursued Suzy, and not just an ordinary man, it is the CEO Marvin Adams David, a powerful man in the business world.
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