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Chapter 75 . No love

  • When Suzy recognized that Marvin was already enraged at her and his eyes were already slanting up in a fury, Suzy regretted answering him back. 
  • After all, Marvin was a ruthless man, surrounded by many bodyguards and influential people. If he wanted to send Suzy to jail, he could always do so. 
  • In the past, Marvin had already hinted that he suspected Suzy to have collaborated with his father. 
  • Even if Suzy knew that she had done nothing wrong, but if Marvin suspected her and would fabricate evidence against her, then she was powerless. Marvin could easily send her to prison. 
  • So what would happen now if she were sent to jail like her father? What would happen to her mother?  Who would take care of her? Suzy had many enigmas which she could find no answer. But if she could not be with her mother, she might as well die since she could not bear to think that her mother would suffer alone in the hospital.
  • Now that her mother was recuperating at the VIP section, courtesy of Marvin, she could also not upset her mother's progressive treatment. Suzy had to visit her mother every day, and she cannot visit her mother without Marvin's permission. 
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