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Chapter 95

  • Suzy just stared at Luis. She was bewildered. “I am not comfortable with these material things. They might cause you more trouble.”
  • “You never give me any trouble, Suzy. Whatever makes you happy makes me joyous.”
  • “I am already happy that my parents are with me. My father mentioned once that he would arrange for our marriage.” Suzy’s face reddened. She was too embarrassed to bring up these things, but she wanted to let Luis felt that she was a family and she should be told what was going on with her father.
  • Luis’ face paled. He looked down; his eyes looked guilty. “Your father is always looking for your welfare, do not worry. He has you and your mother in his best interests.”
  • “You are also my family. I always have you in my mind. Luis, it is really enough that we are all together. Please tell my father that even a simple car is okay” Suzy wanted Luis to realize that there was no need to work too hard to have these material things.
  • “Your parents are delighted. Look at your Dad and Mom,” Luis pointed to Mr. and Mrs. Song, looking so elegant while waltzing.
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