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Chapter 57

  • The video
  • After his board meeting at the MAD building, Marvin rushed back to his villa as he promised to bring back the curvy woman to see her mother tonight. However, he had to take precautions so that his mother could not follow him to the hospital. Or else, what her mother would plan to do would be a real problem.
  • When Marvin arrived at the villa, he found Suzy watching the video from her new cellphone. He saw that she was sitting on a small table, intently watching the cellphone screen, her beautiful face was serene. Her eyelids flickered like thin Spanish fan,
  • "How is your mother? Has she awaken?" Mervin asked softly.
  • Suzy just gave him a swift glance and returned her eyes to the screen. "I think I saw her move her fingers. Although her eyes are closed, I think they twitched, but I can not look closely, so I can not tell".
  • "That is good."
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