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Chapter 107

  • After Suzy signed the contract of exclusivity, both the lawyer and the personal assistant sighed in relief. Finally, the feeling of heaviness on their chest was lifted. They had been on their toes, fearing that Suzy would not sign the document. The temper of Marvin when it came to that woman was just terrible.
  • His personal assistant remembered that yesterday when Marvin was inside his car, he spied Suzy, who went inside the Flores building. Marvin seemed to mumble some words; although he did not hear the whole of what he said, he was certain that he cursed her.
  • Now, they did not want to be cursed. If Marvin was not pleased by the contracts' signing, they would be sent to a faraway company. It would be terrible to work in a foreign land. Perhaps, if Marvin could get what he wanted, he would be less temperamental. That was why they prayed hard that Suzy would be persuaded to sign the document, and they were so glad that she finally did.
  • The assistant could count on his fingers when Marvin smiled. One occasion was when Marvin met his children. He had a gracious smile on his lips. It could be concluded from his actions that Marvin really wanted to have his family together. But the woman was not simple and had no interest to be reconciled with Marvin.
  • Five years ago, Peter Pain was an apprentice when Suzy got entangled with Marvin. There was a rumor that Boss Marvin had gotten hooked with such a pretty woman in a bikini contest. When he saw Suzy's video walking in her skimpy bikini, his heart also raced.
  • Many things happened, and the last he remembered was that Marvin had to put the woman in his own villa so that she could go nowhere. Which meant that the woman did not want to stay, but she was threatened by Marvin. The woman was indeed stunning.
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