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Chapter 124

  • Suzy would have followed the route at the back of the gym if her son Anton did not come back.
  • She had been worried about where the boy went. It was almost an hour, and he had not come back. No sooner than she planned to stand up and check the whereabouts of Anton when she saw him running back to the activity hall.
  • His little chubby feet sounded softly on the floor as he ran towards Suzy. The boy’s cute face was flushed from running, but he still looked cute.
  • “Where have you been? I was already concerned when you did not come back, I plan to follow you at the gym” Suzy informed her son in a soft voice that she was already worried. There was a crease on her forehead.
  • Marvin followed his son back to the activity hall. He watched him running back to his parents. The boy was bouncing up and down, his little feet lightly thumping on the floor.
  • Anton responded to his mother. “I am sorry, Mom.” He knew that he had done something wrong. Anton was also not a hard-headed boy. When he did something that displeased his mother, he was also sensitive.
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