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Chapter 50

  • The angry CEO.
  • Third-party POV
  • When Luis saw that CEO Marvin stared sharply at him across the room, he immediately withdrew his eyes and turned his back, pretending that he was just lost and looking for someone. Luis then secretly went down the stairs. And he hid at the end of the building. He decided to see Suzy again after the CEO would have left the Hospital. Although he was not sure, Luis felt that he was recognized since the CEO Marvin's eyes showed anger when he stared at him. Luis decided to make another plan on his mind how to protect Suzy. He was determined to save her away from the CEO.
  • CEO Marvin immediately recognized Luis's eyes, the older brother of Linda since he had lots of pictures of the people close to Suzy including that of Linda who was the close friend of Suzy. Marvin had already investigated the relationships of Suzy in the past, and he knew that Suzy did not date anyone.
  • In fact, he knew that Suzy tried to hide her beauty by pretending to be ugly as she did not want to enter in a relationship. But the concern of Luis towards Suzy was, without doubt, a deep concern over someone. Marvin saw a flash of anger on the man's eyes. He knew now that he must also intensify his train over said person. After all, he planned to catch Luis at the airport but he escaped his man. So now he concluded that this Luis was not a simple IT expert.
  • While they looked sharply at each other, Marvin knew that they were not simple men who are at silent war against each other. Raging emotions clashed over the space. One from the laser-sharp eyes of Luis who wanted to steal the woman he loves over the years, and another set of eyes from the CEO who tried to dominate his claim over his newfound toy. 
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