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Chapter 79

  • Then the doctor looked pitifully at Suzy. "Well, in that case, I should say, take care of yourself and good luck with her pregnancy."
  • Marvin answered, "yes, uncle, I hope you could help me keep all this a secret, including the place where she would give birth. I would like it to be arranged soon."
  • Marvin's uncle replied, "Okay, but let me check first when she would be giving birth,"
  • So the doctor rechecked the monitor; the doctor pointed to two images on the monitor. "Marvin, you have a dragon and a phoenix; look, this is the boy, and this is the girl, and congratulations, the fetal heartbeat is strong; they are going to be delivered soon."
  • The doctor proceeded with many more examinations; she talked to himself; the doctor gave a lot of information, but Suzy cannot understand the technical terms.
  • Suzy understood that Marvin was anxious; his eyes were blank, sometimes lost in deep thinking; there was also a sweat on his forehead. But as to Suzy, she secretly planned to deliver the baby away from Marvin.
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