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Chapter 5

  • Chapter 4
  • Standing near her.
  • Susan Anna.
  • Marvin notices the interests from his rivals and immediately leaps to his feet and goes up back the stage before any man can claim her. He has already concocted a strategy.
  • The floor director is surprised upon seeing the big boss CEO Marvin since his sudden appearance is not part of the program. Marvin has never come up to the stage and in the past events, he only waits for the woman to come to him.
  • “Yes sir, gggood evening sssir”, the floor director stammered. Did he do something wrong that made the big boss rush up to the backstage? His presence made him nervous.
  • “Call the Grand winner number five now and let me give the award”, Marvin abruptly orders and then summons the award assistants to his side.
  • Immediately, the confused floor manager takes the hint and rushes to shoo the two assistants bringing the Sash and a bunch of flowers to his side.
  • Then he nervously directs the sound booth to make a drum roll in his walkie talkie. He does not want to offend the CEO knowing his bad temper.
  • The floor director hastily gives a sign to the host to start the announcement of the winner.
  • The confused host then announces., “And the grand winner for tonight is.....”
  • Silence.
  • While everybody holds their breaths, Marvin's eyes are all bored to the back of Contestant number five. He is admiring her round soft bottom and long legs. He can not stop his raging hormones that continue to mind-fuck her even he only sees her backside.
  • And the host then resumes the announcement., “And the grand winner for tonight is.....Contestant Number five”
  • Marvin smiles as he sees her tilt her feet in joy. Wow, her boobs bounce up again and also that soft butt, it looks so delicious when they wiggle like pieces of cotton. He observes that she is looking like an excited child and she clasps her hands together, her hips curving more.
  • Scooping some air to cool his heating desire, Marvin walks cooly to mask his emotion. He will be the front page if he can not control his desire.
  • But once beside her, Marvins' throat becomes dry. She is, even more, bewitching up close. There is a mole on her upper lift sexier than Marilyn Monroe's smile. His eyes are drawn to her full cherry lips which he wants desperately to bite on that instant.
  • Hiding his firing desire under his eyes, he then accepts the sash from the bearer and starts to put it on top of  Contestant number 5's head. Marvin leans forward and catches her smell fresh like violet flowers. What a sweet sensual smell.
  • As he comes close to her body, the view of her round breasts taunts his control to the limit. His right hand moves on its own and can not help but make a sudden “accidental touch “ to her right bust feeling her moist skin as he pretends to arrange the sash.
  • Marvin hears Contestant Number five makes a sudden jerk when his hands “accidentally” caressed her skin. She expells a breath and her eyes fluttered as she looks away, pretending not to notice. But she bit her lips, and she looks sexier more. The mole on her upper lip that tilts up makes  him wants to ravish her with his tongue
  • What excites Marvin is when he feels the electricity flowing from her body to his touch.
  • He senses her erratic heartbeats that make her chest rise up and down. She keeps moistening her lips. She is trying to avoid his eyes.
  • Then Marvin slowly gives her the bouquet of flowers making sure that their hands' touch. Again, Marvin feels the electricity flowing in that swift skin contact of their hands by the way her pupils dilate.
  • And finally, after he awards her with the One Million bank manager's check, Marvin sees the excitement on her glistening eyes. She looks intently at the check and is drawn to it. In fact, her hands curled around the check money like second to her life. Marvin concludes that he will not have a hard time to bring this woman to bed. He can lure her easily with his money.
  • Marvin is a bit disappointed when the contestant number 5 seems to dismiss him, with her attention all to the prize money. So he draws her attention back to him and gives her a quick innocent kiss on her lips.
  • The woman is obviously very surprised, her eyes instantly fluttering. But the gay host who saw the sudden plant of kiss is surprised more and immediately distracts the crowd by asking them to applause louder. But Marvin calculates his move that the camera sees it only as a peck on the check.
  • Then the grand taking of the pictures follows so Marvin purposely stands side by side with Contestant number 5 who is now uncomfortably standing rigid.
  • Without a warning, he then wraps his left hand around her small waist, just slightly but every time they have to change poses, why was his wicked hand always make a contact to her soft butt, again “innocently and accidentally”.
  • The woman whose eyes are now spacing out,  is trying to step away, to put a distance from Marvin but he keeps his hold on her waist and then suddenly, he whispers on her ears, “see you in tonight's victory party”, then he leaves the stage.
  • Other contestants are already frustrated. It seems the handsome CEO has already made his choice and there is no chance for them to become his girlfriend. But then, Suzy does look natural, and maybe that is why he is more interested in her. They are green with envy. They have heard how generous  CEO Marvin is and how his girlfriend is grandly treated. And he is so handsome too. They sighed. Why is she chosen and not them?
  • But Marvin has left the stage and again calls Mr. Peter. “Bring that woman to my party tonight. Let her choose from the collections”. Marvin is referring to the collection of exclusive gowns in their company that costs several digits.
  • Mr. Peter understands impliedly that the woman is the chosen next girlfriend to stay with the boss, so he must make hasty preparations.
  • Although this one is a little different because Mr. Marvin David makes an unexplainable move tonight. He flirts with her in public and he has never done it before.
  • Maybe the boss CEO has met his woman!, Mr. Peter smiles.