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Chapter 48

  • Temporary Insanity
  • "I have really lost my mind and I have no shame". Suzy kept on blaming herself.
  • After the wild sex which started at the bathroom and continued on top of the bed through the night, Suzy lies on top of the bed, exhausted and tearful.
  • Suzy calls these moments of lust as temporary insanity. It is when Albert touches her, and her mind leaves her body. She can not control it, just the same as the first time he held her and kissed her. First, she hears her heart beating, then her body becomes restless, her throat dries, and her sanity turns into lustful insanity. She turns into an immoral woman. She even forgets her father, who is imprisoned because of Marvin.
  • Even the thought of going to her mother at the Hospital has also vanished away from her mind. She is a wanton, a slut. Suzy feels disgusted with herself. She hated her inability to maintain self-respect. Since when did she become this cheap?
  • "Woooohh" Unable to control her shame, she sobbed quietly. So that the sleeping man behind her would not hear her cry of anguish, she bit her own hands until they bled.
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