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Chapter 83

  • Marvin replied, "What's the difference between lying that we are married and lying to your mother that you are not pregnant? These are all lies."
  • Suzy just bent her head and replied no more. Marvin told Suzy, "I'm waiting for an answer!" He wanted to know why she denied her pregnancy. Was she planning something?
  • Suzy looked at Marvin and said, "my mother just was woken up, maybe later when she is more stable, I will tell her about you as the father of my child."
  • Marvin said, "children, you are having twins." He corrected her.
  • Suzy did not speak anymore; she knew that Marvin was an arrogant man, and for Suzy to deny his identity before her mother might have pissed off Marvin.
  • Suzy knew that Marvin was a proud man, and therefore, he expected that Suzy would be proud of him and not hide him in front of her mother.
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