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Chapter 73

  • While Suzy was feeling disconcerted, Marvin just looked at her with his cold gaze. He was analyzing her movements. There were many things he did not understand, and he needed answers.
  • Marvin regarded the unusual reaction of Suzy. To him, Suzy should be thrilled that he had made her stay in the same room with him. It was a privilege he never gave to anyone. Most women he dated wanted to climb in his bed. But this woman was different.
  • First, she refused all the money that he gave her. She was the first woman who did not like the diamonds and expensive dresses that he gifted her.
  • Besides, it was very apparent that Suzy was needing money. First, her father was in prison. Then her mother was still and the hospital. But she ignored his offer.
  • Marvin also learned that Suzy never used the card he gave her. So Marvin felt that he was just holding Suzy hostage. Suzy never accepted any grace that he gave her.
  • Except for the part where Marvin had hired the best doctor for Suzy's mother, there was nothing that he had given her, which she accepted. In fact, when Marvin hired the best doctor, he never told Suzy about it. Suzy just went to the hospital and chose the doctor for her mother by her own standards.
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