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Chapter 33

  • To become His Woman
  • Suzy's POV***
  • "Do not play dumb, Suzy. You always knew I wanted your body, and in fact, you played well. Your mouth says you don't want me, but your legs open the instant I command".
  • Yeah, he mocked my brazen self. How can I refute that when every word he said was accurate. I am a total disgusting shameless slut. I bent my head; I was at a loss of words, and tears would not stop falling.
  • Never did I imagine myself going low as this. All my life, I dedicated myself to my studies so that one day I would rise and help my parents as a decent human being. I am a total failure. I ended just the hated person I turned out to be, selling my body for mercy.
  • "Stand up," he ordered, his face full of contempt. There is hatred in his voice, and why should he not hate my family and me. My father was accused of stealing his money; he accused me of stealing his money. I pray I could pass this ordeal.
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