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Chapter 61

  • Her hands moved!
  • Looking tired from work, Marvin brought a bag with him then pulled out a clothing. He then put a wool coat on Suzy's shoulders and buttoned it upfront. He also hanged a beige shawl around her neck after working on the buttons, followed by a brown bonnet on her head. He did not appear the cold, unapproachable CEO but a caring man who helped engulfed Suzy's body with protective clothing items. 
  • Suzy was mesmerized by the soft working of his fingers. Even a simple task as getting her coat buttoned, Marvin stood elegant. He then held her hand and said, 
  • "Stay beside me. Don't walk any distance that I can't reach you. Get it?" His deep voice was close to her ears. 
  • " Yes, I got them all." Suzy was moved by his tender caress of her cheeks.
  • Suzy then looked at her elegant clothing. Nobody could recognize since only her pink round cheeks were exposed. Although she was all covered and warm, the expensive wool, was light and fashionable. 
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