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Chapter 45

  • Changes Girlfriends Faster than Cars.
  • Suzy's POV**
  • After visiting my parent's apartment, we went to the hotel where Marvin booked for dinner. We arrived just in time at the lobby when he called.
  • I rushed inside, not wanting to displease him.  Immediately I recognized his profile sitting by the end corner table from his handsome broad back and by the women who kept on secretly glancing his way. He really has that Royal presence that attracts attention, from his demeanor to shadow. Under normal circumstances, it would be my pride to dine with such a delightful species. But this is not a normal time for I come as a mere paid woman.
  • Carefully trodding on the green high heels, cautious not to trip, I walked towards his table and did not notice that some people were taking my pictures as I approached him.
  • When I was in front of his table, he immediately stood up and, like a gentleman, pulled out a chair. But as he stood up, I noticed that he gave me a one long look of appraisal. 
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