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Chapter 128

  • Every time that George was able to engage a good deal for Suzy, he would also send her a copy of the name of the recruit to apprise her of the lucrative deal for her products.
  • George wanted to let Suzy know that he was a reliable person when it came to online build-up. George had his own agenda, and one of those was to gain the pretty woman’s trust.
  • George never thought that he would one day like a woman, and she was even a mother of such cute children.
  • George really cared for his son, and seeing that Suzy was good to her children, George began envisioning a future with Suzy, with them happy together with three children at home. The thought of it gave a warm smile to his lips.
  • George was always driving a joke every time that a customer would purchase from Suzy’s store. As a result, Suzy did not feel any pressure from George since he appeared to be a good friend who was only willing to help her.
  • Most often they would just chat everyday and say some good words about their business. They would also offer advices from here to there. George was often making jokes about the problems in his office that Suzy became at ease with George.
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