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Chapter 4

  • Chapter 3
  • Suzy Song also known as Susan Anna.
  • For the money prize of One million, Susan Anna (or Suzy Song) is baring her body in the Summer Bikini contest without shame!
  • Not that it is a strip show, but Suzy is extremely shy and has not even dared worn any bathing suit in the public pool. This is the first time she is showing much skin before any living soul and she is trying her best to endure the need to run and hide. Her nerves are consuming her self esteem, and she is trembling all over under the gaze of drooling males and lesbians.
  • But Suzy is desperate to earn that prize money, and a woman who is desperate is almost an insane woman.
  • Tonight is the grand night, and the judges will determine the final winner. Suzy prays that not only she can endure the whole night but that she will really win the contest. That prize money will save her mother's life who needed immediate surgery to remove the clot on her brain.
  • Good thing that her best friend Linda Lang is around to support her, or she would really have run away after seeing the skimpy red bikini she has to wear! Does anybody like a bikini that stretches like a one-line string to her skin? Nothing is left to the imagination with that skimpy mini wee bikini. She might as well put band-aids on her nipples and it covers more her skin.
  • The girls are almost naked anyway, save for four triangles namely,  two isosceles triangles to cover her nipples, one acute triangle cloth on her butt, and one obtuse to her V-vagina. Perfect geometry!.
  • Linda sensing her worries said, “Do not worry Suzy, no one will recognize you tonight. I put too much cake make up around your face, and extra black long lashes, and super red lipstick, eyeshadows, and eyeliner.” Linda emphasized her handiwork, assessing her face.
  • Linda added, “Not only I have your face overly painted, but this light gray contact lens will change your eyes from brown color to grayish tint. See, look at your eyes, are not they grey instead of brown ?” Suzy peers at her eyes and can not but agree to Linda's observation. Indeed her eyes look differently grayish. 
  • Linda looked closely at Suzy's face. She can not but helped admire her friend's extraordinary beauty. Other woman's faces when overly painted would look cheap. But not Suzy. She has that mysterious goddess look more than ever. Linda surmises that her friend does not know just how beautiful she is tonight. This observation is true because Suzy is clueless just how perfect her curves come to shape of an enchantress.
  • After applying some strokes on her face, Linda exclaimed, “What an incredible transformation!”. Linda only used some touch of makeup on her face that is sold in the market. The lipstick, powder, and mascara are not even super brands!
  • “How about my messy hair?” Suzy asked, pointing to her huge main bulky black hair resting on her head.
  • Suzy is born with a nest-like curly black hair. But she loves her hair and she has been using the thick fuzzy black hair to shield her face from the crowd, a face that gives her bad memories. She has big bangs covering down her eyebrows and partially her eyes. Most of her friends tease her, “Fuzzy Curly Suzy”, OR,
  • “Ugly Suzy”, she can not forget when teased by that line by her classmates because when she was younger, Suzy liked to hide her face in between over puffy bangs. To her friends, she looks like she has a face that has suddenly appeared in between hay of curly grass straws which was her huge hair.
  • Linda surveyed Suzy's hair for some minutes. A while ago, she dyed Suzy's black hair to light brown to give it a highlight.
  • Then Linda said, “We need to keep your hair away like this and expose your neck entirely, like that.” Linda makes a gesture of pulling her hair together and pulling her neck out.
  • After a while, Linda grabs a handful of the gel on the table and smashes the sticky substance to flatten Suzy's super curly hair.
  • The result is a miracle, Suzy's unkempt curly hair suddenly becomes a shiny brown ball on top of her head. All strands are swept away like a broom curled into a brown ball. What is left is Suzy's long neck on top of her pretty head. Her elegant neck makes her face shine all the more.
  • “Look, no one will recognize you now, Suzy is gone”. Linda pointed out as she dragged Suzy in front of the long wall mirror.
  • Together they surveyed the woman in front of the mirror, head to foot, and foot to head.
  • Suzy nodded her head in satisfaction, unbelieving how the make-up transformation just works well. Without her thick eyeglasses and curly mass of black hair and thick eyebrows, Suzy is indeed gone.
  • Before them is a woman out to win the contest. Her perfect size boobs are held by the red tiny bra, showing the deep alluring cleavage. Her small waist adorned with a gold chain sparkling just around her body make her so seductive to any dominant red blood male.
  • And her skimpy bikini hugging her hips make her too painfully softly attractive for the normal eyes. If anything, she is a goddess who comes down from heaven to tease the mortal man.
  • Linda smiles, “Without doubt, you will win this contest Suzy”
  • And she hugged her friend. Linda knows how much of an introvert  Suzy is, who does not even talk around people, but will now be exposed to the leering crowd, and worse, to hungry dirty old men, predators, and all. Linda is worried so she has to keep assuring her friend Suzy all the days of the selection process.
  • When Suzy's name is called as the number Five winner, they both gasped. “ Contestant number Five and our fifth finalists, please come to the stage, Susan Anna”,
  • Suzy almost stumbled, forgetting that she used another name “Susan Anna” to hide her true identity.
  • But Suzy is in full smiles with glee when her name is called as one of the winners!. She has now five hundred thousand even if she does not win the grand prize! A tear drops from her eyes from so much joy now that she has some money to give to the hospital costs for her mother's medical treatment.
  • As she walks, her mind is full of great hope for her mother. She feels crying in extreme happiness.
  • Suzy is swinging her hips playfully, unaware that as she sways left to right seductively, her boobs also go up and down like clapping on-air as she walks to the stage. The thought of the money she will get from the contest has sent so much relief that she has forgotten her awkwardness to being almost naked. She moves with a happy walk.
  • When Suzy stands with her outstanding beauty, not only Marvin is drooling to drag her to bed, but also some other billionaires who are now gauging each other which one of them will take home the ravishing beauty tonight.
  • Unaware that she has caused some sexual tension to aggressive males, Suzy even rolled the tip of her tongue around her lips which sent a stir in between the pants of the poor excited males.
  • Marvin notices the interests of his rivals and immediately leaps to his feet and goes up back the stage before any man can claim her.
  • Even when he stands towards the stage, his mind can not stop mind fucking her!