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Chapter 34

  • Transforming me to be His Woman
  • Suzy's POV***
  • "Susan Anne, what witch turned you into this horror? No wonder the great Mr. Marvin called in a panic. You look like a walking dead!" Madame Loofah exclaimed
  • Huh. That exaggerated, I thought. Really, walking dead. What will a walking alive look like? Because I never felt less of life with my attire. I was fine with it. But well, I was never a kept woman, so that was the problem. Perhaps society had a different standard.
  • "Come sit here," and she pushed me into a swiveling chair. My mind was weary, unable to process what to do next. There was no one beside me with whom I could share my depressed mind. Not with my father, who was also buried in his own troubles. Not with my mother, who was half alive. Not with Linda who was out in a country.
  • Perhaps, I could meet Luis in secret, and he has wise words for me. So I sent a message to Luis, hoping he would reply and meet me when there was no danger for him.
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