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Chapter 136 The start of take over

  • Marvin had a long restless night. He turned on his bed several times. He sat at the edge of the bed, stood up, walked to the balcony, stared far at the window, lay on his bed again, then stood up, walked around the room with his head bent, drank water, then walked to the window. It went on and on, but he was never exhausted.
  • The images he uncovered from Luis’s computer hardware kept playing in his mind like a movie that never stopped. Each became more vivid.
  • He perceived that his life would never be the same ever since he met Suzy. But now, it would even be worse. He had to leap into action. If he stayed far from his family, he could not trust that he could keep his sanity if somebody would snatch Suzy. There was a stone on his heart, pressing his chest.
  • Now that he recognized another man loved Suzy as intensely as his affection, then he could not stay idle. Luis was not a compassionate opponent. That man would bite a bullet for Suzy!
  • The morning came and sunshine slowly progressed up in Marvin’s room, but his cold heart was not warmed. Promptly, he went to have his shower, wore his expensive business suit, and called up an early video conference with his managers’ meeting at the headquarters.
  • Whenever there was a very early morning video meeting, every manager of the MAD group would be so jittery to the point of exhaustion. An early morning video meant that the CEO did not sleep the whole night and prepared to drop a projectile of workload to them.
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