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Chapter 134 Treasure

  • When Luis’ IP location was a bull’s-eyed by Marvin, Luis was not vigilant since he was distracted from preparing for his travel. Therefore, he did not pick up the beep warning flash that his system had been transmitting.
  • Perhaps it was also Marvin’s luck that at that exact moment, Luis’ right hand in the middle east was presenting him the prospects of Villas to be bought. It could also be that Luis was too confident of his secured walls.
  • When Luis returned to his seat after choosing the right villa to buy, the monitors appeared normal again, but this time, someone was browsing his system. Luis missed his computer’s alerts. Before the computer would fire a re-alert, Marvin had already deleted the intrusion warnings, thus Luis would no longer be notified.
  • At the surface, the monitors of Luis appeared calm.
  • On the other hand, Marvin’s room was chaotic, the tension was high.
  • Marvin and his people’s hands were fast, focused, and decisive. Their breaths were strained since they knew that every tick of the clock would spell disaster.
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