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Chapter 131 More business problems

  • Suzy's voice interrupted his thoughts.
  • “That is indeed a hard thing to suffer, especially since most of your products are perishable. You cannot waste time. You have to be there to pinpoint your products, although I do not understand how they could have chartered the wrong items for shipment.” Suzy sympathized with George.
  • Hearing Suzy’s voice was soft and caring, George immediately enjoyed the sympathy of the pretty lady. If he would have more losses, but then gained the attention of Suzy, then he would be willing to be at the loser’s end. If only George’s parents would know what was in his mind, they would really kick him for putting the business at risk because of his romantic pursuit.
  • “OK, OK, be careful on the road I hope that you can solve it soon and give me a call if there is anything I can help you with.” Suzy gently whispered to George. At least that was how George heard her voice it was a gentle murmur.
  • “Thank you so much for listening to my grievance. Without you, I would be inconsolable with these losses. I am glad that I have made a friend in you.” George told Suzy.
  • Even though he had to face a considerable problem ahead, but George had such a wide green on his face. It was his first time to feel sincerely towards a person, and he could not describe how Suzy flattered his heart every time that they would talk. It seemed that whatever responsibility he had would be lighter as long as Suzy would inspire him to perform better.
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