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Chapter 80 The Meeting Part 3

  • Abijah P.O.V
  • Zavier was hugging me so close to him that I was smushed into his huge muscular chest. His crazy Sparks had me tickling all over. Man now I know how my teddy bear Tyler feels. I know that he told me that he was alright but I mindlink him, 'Zav, it's going to be ok. We all have your back and we will be here for you and with you through thick & thin!' I say trying to calm and reassure him. I had felt his stubbornness and his fear a little from when Selene forced him into Submission.
  • But afterward I felt his determination to be the best he can be because of me! I didn't know that I meant that much to him. Zavier sort of reminds me of a little cousin or younger brother. Definitely not someone that I'm supposed to marry someday. This whole situation is just weird and confusing to me still. I was dragged out of my thoughts by Selenes' voice asking, "Are there anymore questions? If not I do have other meetings to attend to."
  • Luna Tamika asks, "Do you have any visions for the week ahead?" Selene slowly glances at everyone around the table as if she's holding private conversations with each of them. She tells me, 'You will be alright Abijah, just have patience and all things will be understood.' But I thought I seen a bit of sorrow when she looked at Zavier. But it was so quick that I may have just imagined it. She smiles and replies, "Just that this week will be memorable in many ways to many individuals. And that you all should stick around until the Beta leaves for Brazil on Saturday. I love you all and be well." They all stood and bowed to her as she lights up and disappears. Leaving a trail of gold sparkles momentarily suspended in the air where she just was. Whoa..
  • I hear her quietly mindlink me, 'We will speak tomorrow my Child. Tonight enjoy your Mating Ritual.' What?! I thought we were done with that! 'Done with what Angel?' Tank asks me as everyone is taking their seats. 'The Mating Ritual.' I answer him feeling a bit down, he looks down at my tummy and inhales really deep. Then grunts disappointed looking at me sternly, 'No the Ritual continues!' He firmly mindlinks me leaving no room to argue, sigh.
  • Luna Tamika asks, "We will set up schedules for y'all because your training starts tomorrow morning. Just be patient this will not take long. In the meantime do you have any questions?" I was going to ask how long were we going to do this Ritual but peeking at Tank's hard expression, I thought better about it. "Yes what are the other Packs and who are their leaders? I know of the one in the Southeast. But I'm not familiar with the others."
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