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Chapter 6 At the Back to School Ball 1 of 3

  • Abijah POV
  • Saturday came super fast, I hear my phone ringing and see that it's Shawn. "Good Morning Sweetness, the delivery people should be there shortly with the bed." Oh wow he was serious about that? "Oh ok I'm here so, um I'll see them soon" I say. "Ok baby I'll see you later." "Ok"
  • My aunt and mom were gonna help me get ready for the ball. Yeah my mom drove up here to 'see me off' lol. I start off with a good breakfast, then a bath with some of the products Shawn bought me. We do my shoulder length hair in a simple style. It was cute, curly and pushed back by my headband with my edges slicked down. My makeup was next, the teal eye shadow and eyeliner. Black mascara and my purple lipstick. I put on my dress and wedges next and then my jewelry. I was checking myself out in my floor length mirror when I heard a knock on the door. "I look good!" I say confidently.
  • I walked upstairs and lost my breath, Shawn looked down right delicious! You can clearly see his muscles beneath his suit and for some reason I wanted to lick each and every one of them. "Damn you look good!" we say at the same time. We blink then burst into laughter. My family wanted some pictures of us, so we posed for a few, I bid my family goodbye and we head to the palace.
  • The castle or palace, now it's not some old dingy, crusty cobweb filled haunted building. This place was exceptionally well kept just like the school, there was even a red carpet! I've never been to anything this fancy before it was exciting! I held Shawns' hand as I got out of the car and we made our way unto the carpet. More people were doing the same, some burly looking man came over and clapped Shawn on his back saying, "Beta Shawn, good to see you again. I hope you had a pleasant summer break?"
  • I gasped and stiffened, did he just say Beta? OMG SHAWN IS THE SECOND IN COMMAND?! No wonder he is so demanding, he's used to getting his way! I need to be on my best behavior. Shawn looked over at me with an eyebrow raised. I guess he noticed my shocked state. I smiled at him chuckling nervously, biting my lip then took some deep breaths to relax. He shook the man's hand, "I had a good summer thanks. Professor Kallen this is Miss Abijah, she took Essies' place as the new kitchen manager."
  • "Oh, Abijah welcome to our humble establishment," Prof. Kallen beams shaking my hand, "it's about time Essie retired she's nearly 80 years old! She was kitchen manager when I attended school here!" he exclaimed. I grin, "Thank you! It's really a pleasure being chosen to work here, I greatly appreciate this opportunity!"
  • Kallens' wife came over and they waved at us then continued their way inside the palace. Shawn wrapped his arm around my waist, raising an eyebrow looking down at me and whispered, "So you really didn't know that I was Beta?" Crap! I should've known he would bring that up. "I.. I didn't, I'm sorry Shawn.. um Beta Shawn, I should have done my research more thoroughly." I said chewing my lips nervously. He bent down and whispered fiercely in my ear then licked it! "Next time you misbehave, I'm gonna have to give you a spanking!" My eyes went wide, and my panties were wet and we weren't even in the building yet! Oh my, what a night this is gonna be!
  • The inside was decorated so immaculately that I felt like a real life princess attending a royal ball! Every inch of this place was dripping in pack colors, which made me feel at peace. Purple always puts me in a calm mindset. So being surrounded by it was just heavenly. I was so lost in my fantasies that, I yelped when Beta Shawn yanked me to him calling my name. "Abijah are you ignoring me?" The stern look on his face snapped me back to reality.
  • "N.. no, I was.. I'm sorry.." what was I to say? I sigh in defeat pleading with my eyes that he forgave me for.. whatever it is that I've done. He sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose, "Ok, just.. try to pay attention alright, I have to introduce you to the Alphas family!" he said sternly and we walk forward. I see this beautiful dark chocolate couple in front of us, and I recognize the pregnant woman from the spa!
  • We stand in front of them and Beta Shawn bows his head, "Bow!" he tells me and I do. I peek up at him after a moment to see if can look up now. He nods at me and I smile, "Alpha DeAndre and Luna Latoya, this is Abijah our new kitchen manager!" Wow I'm actually finally meeting them woohoo! I'm really happy right now, I beam from ear to ear. Beta Shawn fist bumps the Alpha and kisses the Lunas hand. I look at Beta Shawn and indicate with my eyes if I can speak to them and he smiles then nods. So do I.
  • "It's a great pleasure to finally meet you Alpha DeAndre and to see you again Luna Latoya!" she looked confused. Then I explained,
  • "Back in July I seen you at the spa. I pray I look as good as you whenever I get married and pregnant!" I giggled.
  • "Oh, thanks gurl!" she chuckled, "I go like every week! And it REALLY helps!" Oh wow! I wish I could. Must be great being a Luna, too bad I'll never know.
  • "Well I want to just thank the both of you for the opportunity to work for your great Academy, I'm sooo looking forward to this school year."
  • "So you don't have any children attending here?" asks Alpha DeAndre. I shake my head, "Nope I don't have kids yet."
  • "Maybe someday" says Beta Shawn planting wet kisses on my neck, I closed my eyes and moaned involuntarily, basking in the incredible feeling that his lips leave on my skin. I then gasped, my eyes popping open as I remembered where we were! I'm so embarrassed and then I hear this strong little voice say, "Who are you? I've never seen you before."
  • I was still so flustered from Beta Shawn I couldn't reply. "Hello are you deaf?" he said waving his hands in front of my face.
  • "ZAVIER! You have manners so use them!" the Alpha scolds his son. Zavier held out his hand for me to shake, upon touching his hand I felt the weirdest sensation, almost like electric shock! That made my thighs squeezed together, "This is Zavier, future Alpha of our territory." Beta Shawn says next to my ear.
  • "N..nice to meet you Future Alpha Zavier, I'm Abijah the new kitchen manager." I shakily breath out, he smiled, kissing my hand before letting it go. 'Gulp' I felt more of those shocks, a tiny moan escaped my lips and more moisture ran from between my legs, I was beginning to get light headed. Is this gonna happen every time these werewolves touch me? I sure hope not!