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Chapter 17 Overbearing Beta Pt 4 3 of 3

  • Abijah POV
  • ^FEAR^, pure unadulterated Fear is the foremost and prominent emotion I feel now when I encounter Beta Shawn. My body hurts physically, like there's this sharp piercing pain in my chest that radiates from my heart, up my left shoulder and down my left arm! I just know that can't be good.
  • "I can't be with you Beta Shawn, I just Cant!" He growls pulling my hair harshly, I yelped. "You Can and You Will Abijah, you are Mine forever!" His eyes were black again and his voice sounds so demonic.. he's going to kill me, I just know it! He grabs my neck lifting me from the bed with him, tossing me on the floor.
  • "Pack your things, you're going home with me!"
  • I was about to protest, but he slapped me so hard I seen stars and tasted blood in my mouth! Then he kicked me in my thigh and I flew a few feet, landing with a thud on the concrete floor! Ok he is seriously insane and as much as I don't want to go home with him, I don't want to get hit anymore either! I was always obedient growing up and never received whuppings. So all of this pain I'm going through now is so new and raw, I just want him to stop hurting me! And for him to do that I need to.. obey him, UGHHH, FML!
  • He looked like he was coming to deliver another blow, I put my hands up in surrender saying, "What is it that you w..want me to pack, Beta Shawn?" I say not even trying to hide the trembling in my voice.
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