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Chapter 79 The Meeting Part 2 3 of 3

  • Zavier P.O.V
  • "What?! If I fail I won't be Alpha?! That's so unfair!" I can't believe this! But she says sternly, "No it's not unfair, the title of Alpha isn't a thing to be taken lightly. You need to earn it, like your ancestors did. Just because you are born as the next in line, doesn't mean that it can be given to you so easily. Every Alpha and Luna in this room, besides you and your Mate. Has had to earn their title this same way." She motioned to my parents and grandparents. They all nod their heads in agreement and encouragement to me. She continues, "And now it's your turn to step up to the plate and deliver. Or be left behind. The choice is entirely yours, do you accept?"
  • Everyone was looking at me expectantly and I hear their words of encouragement, motivation and love through the mindlink. Tank, 'If anyone can do this it's you, Little Alpha.'
  • Dad, 'You got this, Hijo!'
  • Mom, 'You were born for this Son!' Grandpa CJ, 'You know we'll help you in any way we can, Zav.'
  • Grandma Tati, 'Oh Tito you are ready to take on the world!'
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