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Chapter 33 Sucking Up 2 of 2

  • Beta Shawn POV
  • "I can't believe how much you've healed since yesterday, I think you may have some she-wolf in you after all!" I laugh which makes her laugh and the sound melts my heart! She looks in my eyes grinning,
  • "No not a she-wolf, Beta Shawn but Zavier's wolf, Tank said he prayed to the Moon Goddess and she healed me. And now I feel perfect!" She beams, oh that's what happened. I don't know why Zavier is so keen on protecting my Sweetness but I'm gonna have to talk to him soon about what I will and won't allow! Anyway..
  • "Call me Shawn baby, ok its cool!" She looks surprised then shy and says, "Um ok.. Shawn, I need to take a quick shower."
  • "Okay let me clear this bed for you, baby." I cleared the bed of the gifts and carry her to the bathroom. Closing and locking the door, I mindlinked Nae to tell the nurses to clean up her bed ASAP. I put her down and stripped the hospital gown off her body slowly. Starting from her thighs, caressing up her sides and pulling it up over her head. She moans my name when I lick up the side of her neck and suck her earlobe.
  • I kiss my way down to her perfect breast and hold them both in my hands licking them alternatively, swirling my tongue around her hard little nipples. I hear her cute little gasps and whimpers, it's getting me hard as hell! I can smell her intoxicating arousal and can't hold back anymore. Getting on my knees in front of her, I lift her up to sit on my shoulders, gripping her amazing ass and love the sound of my name on her lips. "Shaaaaawn!" As I dig my tongue into her, she whimpers and shudders grabbing my hair.
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