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Chapter 72 The Morning After Part 2 2 of 2

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  • "Awww Abie, so you really have a Wolf?" Toya cooed, "Yes I do. She just appeared out of nowhere last night during the Ritual." I'm still not sure what she means by saying that she has been dormant since I was Born?! Wouldn't that make me a Werewolf already? I'm not sure what is going on anymore, things are happening so rapidly! And my brain is so tired right now, I can't really think straight to begin with. I lean my head into my hands while massaging my temples with my elbows on the table. I'm Exhausted! And damn Zavier dragged me down here to eat, ugh! 'Abie?' I hear Toya in my head, 'Yeah? Hey Toya how are you able to talk to me in my head?' 'Oh it's called mindlinking, all of us can do it. It sure beats having an unreliable cellphone and shitty service. But it's basically how we instantly communicate with each other. We teach it to our pups as soon as possible.'
  • Mindlink cool, 'You, Zav and Tank are the only ones I've talked to on it. It's weird but also pretty cool.' Her eyebrows rose, 'They've talked to you via mindlink?' She asks, I nod, 'Yes Tank taught me how last Monday in my office.' She smirks, 'Ooo ho ho, got some office loving going on!' She bites her lip wiggling her eyebrows at me suggestively. My face goes hot thinking of all the times that, that shameless Beta had his way with me in my bathroom against my will. But I don't want to think about him anymore. 'No Toya none of that was going on. And what was with all of these super raunchy songs you gave us? I never even heard of most of them before.' Most of them were really obscene! She laughs, 'Gurl I listen to those songs all the time. Just thought y'all would want something to enhance the mood.' She replies slyly.
  • 'Oh he didn't need any help believe me! He was extremely precise about what he wanted.' She wolf whistles over the mindlink, 'Ooo weee, how many times did he hit that and don't lie!' She narrows her eyes, I sigh defeated, "Over a dozen times, I lost count..' She blurts out loud, "Over A Dozen Times!?" Staring between me and Zavier several times in disbelief and shock whispering, "Shit!". I groan, "Oh God." Yawning again man I really need to get to bed. 'Toya what's the point of talking over the mindlink if you're gonna yell out loud?' I say giving her a pointed look. She looks a little embarrassed then worried, 'Sorry it's just, Damn that wolf has got some stamina! Did he at least heal you up afterwards?' 'Yep each time, but it did Nothing for my energy, I'm exhausted! I've literally been up since before the party yesterday morning. And is it normal for them to.. do it that many times?' I ask her, feeling my eyelids grow heavy.
  • Her eyebrows furrowed apologetically and she bites her lip again looking towards her Mate then at me nodding. 'Yes because he is an Alpha and his main instinct is producing an heir. But not that many times all the time, Goddess! How are you still standing?! But once he knows that you're pregnant he'll calm down some.' Holy Crap..I sigh smh. I ask, 'Is he always this stubborn and demanding?' She gives me a defeated look, 'Yeah he's been like that since before birth sadly. But I don't know why he has you on his lap!' I shook my head, 'Me either but I can't really.. walk right now so, I can't get up if I wanted too!' I yawn again, ugh!
  • I jump startled feeling someone hug me and playful sparks zip through me. And I started getting some feeling in my legs. Not enough to walk but I can move my toes at least. "What?" I say, I didn't even know I had dozed off. I try to rub the drowsiness away but to no avail. Next thing I see a plate and mug put in front of me. I take a sip of my tea, man it's good but the heat of it is making me more sleepy. My eyes droop and I feel something hit my lip and smell crispy bacon! Wait is this little boy trying to feed me? "Zav I can do it myself." I slur, my words coming out slower than usual. "No I want to feed you, Ms. J, here just eat it!" I fuckin glare at him, is he really serious right now?! He stares at me stubbornly and I bite the food out of his fingers not caring if I bit him or not, this is ridiculous! I'm not the damn child here boy, You Are!
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