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Chapter 78 The Meeting Part 2 2 of 3

  • Abijah P.O.V
  • I would've never imagined that I'd ever talk to a deity before! My life is taking turns in every direction so rapidly that it was making my head spin! I'm uberly confused! I hear her voice again speak, 'This is why I'm here, to clear up a few things for you. Abijah, you and Lila are going to do great things for the Werewolf Community. Sooo many of my children have gone astray and it does sadden me. I want you two to help bring my lost children home. And help them succeed, not just scrape by. But to actually live and thrive in this world. I want the two of you to rescue the abused and help my orphaned pups to find good homes.'
  • While I was still stunned by her speaking to me, I hear Lila gasp happily, 'Mother!' In an instant, the three of us were in the Spirit Realm standing inside of my living room. And although I still felt that I was sitting on Tanks' lap, I was simultaneously here in my living room in the Spirit Realm! How is this even possible? 'Lila my dear, long time no see.' She says as her amethyst eyes brighten when she gazes lovingly from me to Lila. She's so beautiful to behold! I know that I've seen her via Tank's memories, but to witness her up close in person? How did I get so lucky!?
  • She was in her wolf form and OMG! Her fur was exquisite, pitch black with twinkling scattered hues of silver and gold throughout! If the midnight sky had a Wolf, this is how it would look! She had a patch of pure white fur on her chest in the shape of a Crescent moon. Her long gorgeous mane was braided with gold beads on the ends. And she was massive yet elegant! Twenty feet tall at least, the only wolf I knew that was as big as her was Kane! My GodPa Mannys' wolf. Gasp! That's who I need to speak with, to help me understand what it is I'm going through, my Godparents! GodPa Manny and Momma Keya! 'That's actually not a bad idea Abijah. I know they'd love to hear from you.' She says inquisitively.
  • 'I know that the two of you have questions but I want to talk to the both of you privately later. Right now there is a meeting that we must attend to.' She says both Lila and I nod. And with that I was back in the Meeting room sitting on Tanks' lap. I blinked a few times to adjust to my bright surroundings. "Angel?" Tank asks me still cupping my face, "Tank, I.." 'Hey Lila should I tell him about us speaking with Her?' 'Hmm, sure I don't see why not.' 'Okay.' "Tank, I just spoke with.. the Moon Goddess.' I whispered to him but I hear everyone gasp, Toya asks me surprised, "Did you really talk to her?" But before I was able to answer her. I feel this peaceful aura around me and hear, "Yes, she did. And I feel that my presence Is needed in this meeting today. I see all of you are well." We all turn around and standing right behind me and Tank is the Moon Goddess!
  • Whoa! I thought she was a sight to behold in her wolf form. But viewing her in human form, she's like 7 feet tall! And there's a natural ethereal glow to her. Like if all the lights suddenly went off, she would have light emitting from her whole being! She really was the color of a black pearl. Her heart shaped face sported long lashes, high cheekbones and full plump lips in sparkling gold makeup as were her eyelids. She has long finger & toe nails that were polished gold with ancient silver markings on them. And many gold rings were on her fingers that were connected with tiny chains. Lots of bracelets and bangles covered her wrist, arms and ankles. She was like the Sun dipped in black and covered in gold & silver.
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