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Chapter 82 Bunny Slippers

  • Tank P.O.V
  • BANG! Alpha CJ hits the table snapping at my Mate! "And you neglected to tell us this until now?!" She sinks further into me, (Dude I just met y'all like yesterday!) And I see a glimpse of her memories. She was in her office looking at her desk and the pain from that damn Beta came rushing back. I feel her fear and pull her from the memory successfully before it could traumatize her further. Thinking of that Beta enrages me and so do these agitating ass questions they're asking her! "ENOUGH!" I cradle her calming her down, I love how melts onto me like we were meant to be one being.
  • While she's telling them about how she's known the world's strongest Lycan couple since she was born! Alpha DeAndre mindlinks me curiously, 'Tank did you know about this?' 'No I didn't, there are many things that I don't know about my Mate yet. But I do know this, that she isn't with my pup yet! So we'll be leaving this meeting soon. Because Mother informed me that the Beta will challenge me for her. And if she's not fully mated by the time he attempts this then he CAN challenge me for her! I can't lose my Mate, Alpha I Wont!' 'I understand Tank and We will not let that happen either.'
  • The Luna gives Abijah our schedules and I leave to take us back to her room. Tonight after the sleepover I'll show her to our new quarters. 'Zavier I'm going to mate her until it's time for the sleepover.' He groans exasperated, 'You're going to mate her again? Oh Man!' He was sad and agitated but I needed him to understand why. 'Zavier that Beta is trying to Take Our Mate Away from Us! And he will succeed if she isn't Fully Mated! Do you want her to be taken away from us?!' I ask him desperately, he whimpers shaking his head. And although he's young he already understands the significance of having Our Mate with us. It's essential to our well being, our health, our livelihood, our future, our sanity and our life! She's Our Everything! He sighs then pouts stating, 'Yes I understand Tank but is she going to be alright afterwards? Because she was really tired earlier and I don't want her like that for the sleepover. She'll be too tired to have fun with me.' 'I'll be gentle with her Zavier I promise.' That makes him happy, 'Ok Tank.'
  • "I'll see you soon for the Sleepover Ms. J, later!" She smiles, "Okay later Zavier." Then she asks me confused, "Wait where's he going?" "To his cabin." We only have a few hours as it's almost 4p.m. currently and the sleepover is at 7. I can sense that she didn't want to be mated right now but I'm not giving her a choice in this matter. So I mate her and Lila in the tub so they can recover quickly. I notice how Lila is taking over more and more when we mate. I added a satchel of herbs from the gift bag that the Alphas & Lunas gave us to the bath. It was an invigorating collection of scents and my Mate enjoyed it as well. "I smell like a herb garden." She giggles and the fragrance lingers on her skin after the bath enhancing her natural scent. 'Do you feel rejuvenated?' I ask as I'm drying her off, "Yes I do, I don't know what was in that sack but I'll have to grow us some one day." 'That would be nice!'
  • She insist on drying me and oiling my skin down as well. I love her hands on me so I don't deny her. But having her caress my skin makes my wolfhood stand up and once again she licks and sucks my brains out! Afterwards I dress her in the nightgown that we picked for her. She exclaims amazed, "It's Bulma!" I chuckle, 'Of course it is because I am the Prince and you are my Princess. Every Prince needs his Princess right?' I cup her precious face in my hands. Damn it these Sparks are making me want to mate her all over again! She nods flirtingly biting her bottom lip. Goddess if I hadn't promised Zavier that she will still have some strength left for him and his sleepover.. 'I'm your Bulma and you're my Vegeta?' 'Yes Precisely Angel.' I finish dressing her in the nightgown and a pair of pajama shorts. Because she said that she didn't want to feel half naked around the pups. I put her on a pair of fuzzy socks and some fluffy pink bunny slippers. She seems to like these fluffy things hmm..
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