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Chapter 2 Humble Beginnings 2 of 2

  • Abijah POV
  • It was late July and we were swinging in the backyard patio swing, sipping iced teas while my cousins played on their trampoline, squealing happily. "So are you excited about the new job?"
  • "Yes auntie I am, I really love cooking and I enjoy teaching children about healthy nutrition, so it's a win-win for me!" I reply smitten.
  • "You do know that, it's one of those mixed species schools right?" my aunt says a mixture of concern and anxiety in her features. I nod looking ahead.
  • "Yeah, I understand, and I respect them for even considering me for the position. I know that they have started merging the schools together, to end the segregation of the species. I think it's a great idea if it works out for the good of all." I said truthfully. She warily sighed and nods.
  • Cedar Falls K-12 Academy is an ancient private school and has been around for centuries maybe even a millennia. And it was werewolf only up until about 30 years ago. The Supernatural Council (SC) which has been around for the last 350 years, had made this decision. The SC consists primarily of ten male and ten female representatives from each species of dragons, vampires, witch/wizards, werewolf/lycans, fairies, merpeople and humans in which the world is governed. They are elected every 10 years by their respective species, they go around campaigning and everything. Nearly anyone can participate as long as there are enough votes. Its not like a hierarchy, where you are born into it.
  • I start my new position in a little over a month, but I start my manager training tomorrow. After that it's one week to meet and greet my crew, and order & organize my kitchen. I have to go shopping today also because the uniforms are scrubs, why you ask? Because we work with a lot of water and food and they are really easy to clean and quick to dry.
  • So me, my aunt and my cousins hop in my aunts' sedan and head to the mall. After I bought me enough scrubs to last for 3 weeks, I decide to go to the spa. My aunt took her kids to Chuck E. Cheeses to have some fun, I told her I'll call her when I'm done with my spa. I got a 90 minute full body deep tissue massage with the exfoliating & essential oil treatment. Also a mani-pedi and a silk press for my hair, it was down to my shoulder blades now and I felt amazing afterwards.
  • While getting my nails done I met this pregnant woman that had lots of people fawning over and bowing to her. Then I learned why by hearing her title and name being called,
  • "Luna Latoya?" said one of her servants, bowing, holding a tray of snacks and juices in front of her. She smiled looked over and chose one. She was beautiful, tall maybe 6'3", smooth chocolate skin, light hazelnut colored eyes and short curly black hair with highlights of purple in it. And she was absolutely glowing in her pregnant state. I pray I look that awesome whenever I get pregnant.
  • But that's awhile away, I've never been allowed even a boyfriend growing up. Mainly because my parents were teenage parents and didn't want me to follow in their footsteps. But after I got settled in at work I would love to at least start dating guys.
  • --------------
  • First day of my training, I wake up around 5a.m. and make a quick breakfast, get dressed and head out to catch the bus. I don't have a car, because I never learned how to drive, so I take public transportation.
  • The manager training course is Monday through Friday from 7a.m. until 3p.m. I recieved my itinerary, map, history & info of the Cedar Falls Pack, cooking schedule, curriculum, badge and also the allergy list of students. There were over 1200 students, staff, faculty and volunteers of all species that attended the building on a daily basis. And that I will be responsible for having enough food available for them all.
  • I will also be responsible for providing catering during special events like holiday festivals, prom, homecoming, balls, certain birthdays etc. It seems like there's at least one event every month. That sounds like fun! I wonder if I'll be able to help decorate for any of them? Because decorating is kinda my thing.
  • The month went by quickly and smoothly and it was finally time to meet my crew of 30. They were of different species and ethnicities as well, I loved diversity. And everyone was very laid back, no drama types which was even better. I came to work, not to gossip or cause drama!
  • "Good Morning Everyone! I'm Abijah your new manager and it's a pleasure to meet you all. If there's anything you feel the need for me to know, please don't hesitate! I pray we all have had an awesome and restful summer. And that we have a wonderful new school year. I made some treats and drinks for y'all, please enjoy!"
  • I had announced to my crew, several of them came up to me immediately and I enjoyed the attention. I had no idea how anyone was going to react to me, being the new face of the kitchen and all. But they were respectful and pleasant to be around. I was looking forward to starting this new adventure in my life. Little did I know, I was in for a surprise in the form of a little future Alpha named Zavier.