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Chapter 20 Bombardment

  • Abijah POV
  • He told her I was his WHAAAT?! Honestly if I wasn't frozen I'd run the hell out of here! I was livid, standing on the top step of the stage. He was on the other side of the stage walking up towards, Mrs. Foster and she was waving me over to the middle of the stage where she was. I seriously wanted to turn around and leave until I seen him ball up his fist and give me that 'Don't make me come get You!' look.
  • So my shaky legs limped over to them in the middle of the stage in front of the whole damn school, looking like I just exited a boxing match. I turned to the crowd of students and staff and waved with a small polite smile on my face. Mrs. Foster offers the microphone and I say,
  • "Hey everyone, as Mrs. Foster said I'm Miss Abijah or ya'll could just call me Ms. J." There was whooping and applause.
  • "I look forward to working here and creating delicious and healthy food for all y'all and pray we have an amazing school year!"
  • I was talking to the crowd and didn't notice Beta Shawn creeping up behind me. He scooped me up in his arms and I yelped, surprised for 1. I had one idea he was gonna do that and 2. he was hurting my already injured leg! The crowd broke out in laughter, if only they knew the type of monster he really was. He kissed me! I heard all of the cat calls and wolf whistling. I loathe him and didn't want him touching me but what could I do without getting hurt?
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