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Chapter 55 The Party Pt 6

  • Abijah's ◇, Tank's ♤, & Zavier's ♧ POV
  • The ◇ represents Abijah's POV, the ♧ represents Zavier's POV and the ♤ represents Tank's POV please enjoy!
  • ------♤------
  • As I enter the Park in the Spirit Realm, I see Abijah looking confused as Zavier walks away from her towards me. "No Fair Tank!" he glares at me stubbornly. "I am sorry Zavier but you are still too young. You heard what she called me earlier? A Little Boy!" Well I'm about to show her just how BIG I Am! "This will not take long and then we can get back to the party. And you can spend time with her, I promise okay?" He nods and huffs dramatically but leaves the Park going back to our own Space within the Spirit Realm.
  • You see each Spirit Creature has an individual space within the Spirit Realm. Unless multiple creatures all live in one individual, then they all share the same space. Individuals like that are called Hybrids or Mutts, because of all the different entities in them. Others can visit your personal space but only with your total expressed consent. It is a sacred place where all of your memories, hopes, dreams and desires are. Your soul dwells there also and it's best to keep precious treasures like that safe from harm. You wouldn't want someone to tamper with something like that. You can decorate your space anyway you want. Ours is a spacious forest with a wooden cabin where Zavier has his video games, movies and toys.
  • Also things in the Spirit Realm are more taxing on the physical being. Meaning things that happen in the Spirit Realm have more of an effect on you in reality. If someone was let's say, attacked here they will feel it physically. And that's because it is your actual soul or spirit being attacked. Imagine someone getting in your space without your permission and sabotaging your life from the inside out?! Or worst someone you do trust screwing you over!! You'll be able to feel it in the physical world because it'll be your soul and consciousness being attacked. But without anyone to protect you, like a spirit creature, it'll drive you mad. Feeling things that you can't see!
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