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Chapter 65 The Mating Ritual Part 1 2 of 2

  • Abijah POV
  • He held me until I could breathe sort of normal again, laying his forehead on mine. I open my eyes slowly looking around the room and notice lights flickering. It's really hard to see past Tank's wide body, "Can you put me down please?" I ask innocently, I'm nervous because he may not want to let me go now that we are alone. He places me on my feet but grips the front of my dress. And before I can register what he's doing he rips it from me! RIIIIIIPPP! WTH!? Damn I liked that dress!! Why are they always ripping my clothes?! I glare at him, of course he's chuckling. He places his hands on the door on either side of me leaning in and inhaling me. Then exhales with a low content growl, smirking before he stands up straight. "I always want you naked and clothes get in the way of that. You're not allowed to wear Anything if it's just you and I, understand?" I glare at him incredulously.
  • He stares down at me just like he did earlier when he told me to, 'Stay Down!' in the Spirit Realm. It reminds me of the time Shawn took me to his bedroom for the first time. I shiver gasping as I hear his voice boom in my head, 'Do you understand me?' I nod my head frantically but he squints his eyes slowly bending to be eye level with me. His forehead connects with mine, he's gaze is unyielding and his eyes glow again. "Use your words!" I gulp replying, "Yes Tank." He kissed my nose and moves out of my way. And my room comes into view and it completely takes my breath away! I take a step forward and feel him tug at my panties, I turn to him confused, "Take them off." He demands pulling them down my legs and I step out of them. They are dripping wet and he literally sucks on them, while staring at me with those glowing eyes! Ooookay..
  • I slowly turn back to my room that's decorated in rich tones of deep red, navy blue and elegant gold! My hands fly to my mouth in surprise and awe. All of the bed linens, towels and drapes were this color scheme. Rose petals and red, gold & blue tealight candle holders line a path on the floor to the bed and bathroom. Rose petals are sprinkled on the bed along with a golden tray. There's an ice bucket with a wine bottle in it. Two wine glasses, an Edible Arrangements basket and a small knife also. But my favorite decorations are the many balloons stuck to the ceiling with roses tied to the end by ribbons! This is beautiful! Whoa Josette did all of this!? Where did she even find the time for this? She's so Cool!
  • Sparks shoot up my side as Tank's hand rest on my hip. I jump startled turning to see him naked and smirking. I gasp and gulp as the flickering light dances off his hard dark muscles. Damn he looks like he taste Delicious! I feel my mouth water as I ogle at him. He chuckles making his muscles flex and I had to wipe off my drool. He carefully guides me to the bottom of the bed and we sit down. He grabs my legs gently taking off my shoes. And begins massaging my toes, feet and legs. This feels awesome, "Mmmmm.. this is nice!" I whisper, closing my eyes and leaning back on my elbows. Enjoying his hands on me and the aroma of the flowers. He does this for about ten minutes and he keeps hitting this one spot that makes my thighs twitch and my core itch to feel him deep inside of me.
  • "Do you like this one spot?" He asks amused and I nod. He growls hitting the spot three times in quick succession making me whimper and shiver. My eyes popping open confused, "Use Your Words Abijah." "Yes! Yes I do Tank!" I breathe out desperately, what's his obsession with hearing me speak? "I love your voice and when I ask you a question. I expect you to answer it." He says calmly but I hear the finality in his voice. "Okay." He continues massaging my feet until I feel that familiar heat building in my nether regions again. He has been staring intently biting his bottom lip, under his heated gaze I blush and turn shyly away. He growls, "Look At Me!" I tense turning back trying but failing to not blink.
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