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Chapter 48 The Party Pt 2 2 of 2

  • Abijah's ◇, Tank's ♤ POV
  • Abijah's POV
  • Downstairs in the foyer I run into Shawn and Shawnae. He looks flabbergasted at me and is that drool? I giggle checking him out in his black button down top clinging to his muscles, stone washed baggy jeans and white hi top Nike's. He looked fine, but again instead of being turned on I just.. wasn't. "You look amazing, Sweetness!" Jeez it looks & sounds like he wants to eat me for breakfast, lunch and dinner! "Thank you, Shawn. You're handsome as well." Shawnae looks cute in a pretty pink princess dress with tulle tutu, ballet flats and pigtails. But she asks me loudly, "Mom, where's the rest of your dress?" I inhaled sharply looking down at the snug fabric hugging my curves and tried to cover up with the shawl. "Um.. I'm not sure but you can ask Tank. He chose this dress, I'm just supposed to wear it." I shrug nonchalantly but then I hear Shawn growl making me jump, tense up and look at him cautiously.
  • He looks my way and takes some deep breaths and apologies. I do some of those breathing exercises Debbie told me about and it worked! He looks like he's about to grab my waist, but remembering Tank's warning about not smelling like him. I quickly hold up my hands to stop him saying, "Tank doesn't want y.. anyone to touch me, sorry honey." I say apologetically he looks pissed but doesn't touch me. Whew dodged a bullet on that one! He walks as close as possible without touching me. We head out through the back door and proceed towards the backyard party area. I hear music playing and see hundreds if not thousands of people here. I can smell someone grilling, yessss I want some barbecue beef ribs and steak burgers! The weather is actually pleasant today it's weird to have a 70° day in October in Wisconsin though! But with this thin ass dress on I'm not complaining.
  • We get to the party area entrance and there's a group of people standing around conversing. Some I know like Alpha DeAndre, Gamma Antonio, his triplets and Zavier. And others I don't know like this fine ass older Hispanic guy and his black wife, I guess she's his wife from the way she's clinging to him. A Latin guy, his wife and their four children. They all turned around upon hearing a crazy loud ass growl! I look down and see Tank looking handsome in a black and lavender suit, glaring hungrily at me! It made my thighs quiver, WTH!? Then I hear him whisper something and everyone except me gasps. "What?" What the hell did he say, I couldn't hear it?
  • "MINE! MATE! YOU ARE MINE ABIJAH, MY MATE!" GASP!! I am actually speechless and I'm not sure why but hearing him speak makes my whole body vibrate! Am I really his? Oh.. My.. GOD!!
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