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Chapter 24 More Harm Than Good 2 of 2

  • Beta Shawn POV
  • She's so damn stubborn and defiant! All she has to do is tell me who this FAZ person is. So I can kill him and we can move forward with our lives, simple. But she's not budging an inch! I'll give it to her she's one tough cookie, to not crack under me. I've seen tough as nails rogues crumble at the mere mention of my name! And here’s this tiny human female holding strong. I laugh at the situation, smfh.
  • I'm what you might call an 'Enforcer' here in the pack. I torture All of the rogues that the patrols bring in. I've done it for the last 15 years. I can stomach the shit that no one else can. The sight of tears, blood, expelled bodily fluids, broken bones and shit like that is nothing to me. Everyone cracks after awhile, it's all a matter of time and tools. With the right type of tools, some people will crack faster than others.
  • Some people will see a bloodied sledgehammer and piss themselves spilling all of their secrets. Some will see a spiked whip and tell me every name they know from the time they were born. So it all depends upon time and tool. Abijah is stronger than most but I have all the time in the world baby. You will crack and give me what I need. I was choking her when I heard someone behind me call out,
  • "Shawn what are you doing to her?! Get off her right now, NOW!" It was the Luna, she used her Alpha voice so I had to comply.
  • Luna Latoya POV
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