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Chapter 67 The Mating Ritual Part 2 2 of 2

  • Abijah POV
  • I see a young version of him standing on the surface of the Moon, looking down at the Earth! WHOA what a view! I hear her lovely voice tell him, 'You are to be an Alpha, Tank. Your Were's name is Zavier and you two will do great things, even from a tender age!' I hear Tank's excited little barks and howl! Aww he sounds so cute, I just want to hug him! More flashes and I see him standing in an empty space, he seems to be in the Spirit Realm. He is still small maybe 3 ft tall. Looking around he suddenly throws his head back, howling long and loud I see the air ripple! His front paw stomps down hard making the ground quake. A bunch of trees start shooting up through the grounds surface, along with streams and rivers and all sorts of wildlife! Jeez he's really that powerful?! I have so much more respect for him now.
  • Another flash and he's crouched in some tall grass, watching a deer drinking from a river. As fast as lightning he is upon it, chomping down hard on it's neck! I hear the strangled gurgling of the animal while it's legs flail about until it is no more. Gulp! I never want to be hunted by Tank or by Anyone really!
  • Another flash and it's the first time he meets Zavier. They are so young and cute! Another flash and Tank shows Zavier how to hunt and fish with his hands or minimal handmade weapons. Later they are near a little fire eating a recent kill, talking animatedly. Zavier looks to be around 3 or 4 and already has a lean physique. Tank is about 7 ft tall and lean also. I wonder if I'm going to be expected to exercise? I'm not fat but I'm not skinny either. The next visions are of Zavier attending school and what looks like meetings with his father. Them both learning various things about being an Alpha and running the Pack.
  • The last are of Me! He seems to have been always watching me, like always! I feel his emotions and feelings for me growing stronger day by day. Visions of when we were in the Spirit Realm together and he healed me and ate me out. And the last images are of him talking to the Moon Goddess again. She's telling him that I'm his Mate and to beware of the Beta. And finally when he saw me this morning and told me I was his Mate! He's extremely overjoyed to call me, HIS!
  • I smile opening my eyes to see our hands still clasped together in front of us. But my smile quickly fades as I look pass them to see Tank staring at me crying!? What the.. "What's wrong?" He just shakes his head slowly lowering it. I hurry over to sit on his lap and cup his face. He was sooo sad, he closed his eyes tight sobs wracking his huge body. Tears spilling down his face, "I'm so sorry Angel. I'm so sorry I didn't protect you from that Beta!" Oooh he must have seen my memories as I seen his.
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