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Chapter 46 The Party Part 1 2 of 2

  • Abijah's ◇ & Tank's ♤ POV
  • ------♤------
  • Mmmm, I smelled Abijah's heavenly scent before I heard her exclaim, "Toya!" From the room across the hall. I was getting ready in my room upstairs with the door closed and still heard and smelled her! My chest rumbles loudly, scaring the little male Omega helper. I smile kindly, "My apologies." I'm really looking forward to our sleepover tonight. "Me too, Tank, we're going to have so much fun!" Zavier says and we continue getting ready. I'm wearing a black three piece suit with a lavender shirt, hat and shoes. To match Abijah's lavender dress, I picked out for her. Me and the Alpha left our quarters to head downstairs. It took all my willpower to not walk into that room and Mark her! I walked over to the door, placing my palm flat against it. I inhale her scent deeply, exhaling, closing my eyes and resting my forehead on it. "Soon, My Love!"
  • While walking down the hall, I see the Omega Josette. She's tasked with catering to My Abijah. She gasped as I grab her arm lightly and say firmly, "Make sure that you follow the itinerary to the 'T' am I clear!" She shows her submission saying, "Yes, Alpha!" "Good!" I let her go and proceed to the Mess hall with the Alpha and we sent breakfast upstairs to our Mates. The Gammas family arrived minus his wife, I guessed that she was with Abijah and the Luna. Once we ate breakfast we made our way to the backyard. I had to make sure all of Abijahs gifts were prepared. The party starts at 11 a.m. I can't wait to see her in that dress!
  • ------◇------
  • Whilst Toya was nearly peeing her pants laughing at me someone came in the room. It was the Gammas wife but I don't know her name, "Hi I'm Abijah, you're Gamma Antonio's wife right?" She smiles and nods, "Yes I'm Rosemita nice to meet you, Abijah." I smile and give her a hug. I was looking around the room and seen the different areas set up for us to get our hair, nails and makeup done. I also seen some massage tables, were we getting massaged too? Cool! There are three main sections in the room, one for each of us. Then I saw the dresses we're to wear, they were on mannequins and WOOOOW!
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