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Chapter 42 MATE! 1 of 2

  • Tank POV
  • Abijah looks amazing tonight, I sniff the air and smell chlorine on her skin. Mixed perfectly with her floral aroma. It seems she has just been swimming, I see a purple bikini under her black mesh dress. She looks like an angel, smiling while walking into the Mess hall, Perfect. The only blemish was that damn Beta with his arm snug around her waist! How I wish I could rip it off! I started growling but stopped when she looks my way and waves, grinning at me. Oh my sweet friend what I'll do to have you as my Mate!? Kill that damned Beta for starters! He doesn't deserve someone as sweet as my Abijah. I wave back and nearly blew her a kiss just to piss off the Beta I chuckle.
  • Zavier was busy talking to his triplet friends. They had been away with their parents, the Gammas here on Pack business down in South America for the past month. The Alpha gave a speech about it, after most were done eating and it gave me an idea. While I was intently watching Abijah as usual I told Zavier, 'Why don't we tell everyone here about how Abijah's going to be our guest of honor at our party tomorrow?' He loves whenever we talk about her and so do I. 'Sure, Tank I'll ask my Father for the mic!'
  • He does and grins turning to Abijah saying, "Miss J will be my guest of honor at my party tomorrow! And we are going to have lots and lots of fun!" Then I take over and glare at that Beta menacingly and command, "And no one will lay a finger on her but me! Is that clear!" Everyone says, "Yes Alpha!" I put down the mic and make my way over to my Abijah with a smirk. Her sweet smell gets stronger each passing day. She looking so nervous I can hear her heart speed up as I approach. But she never needs to be nervous around me. That Beta on the other hand though, should be shitting bricks for what I have in mind tonight!
  • I discovered some time ago that I'm able to make Abijah experience much.. Pleasure just by thinking about it. To make the Beta jealous I exert enough carnal energy through Zavier, to make her feel good. I always feel when she's sad and by doing this she always feels so much better. Even when she is overwhelmed or embarrassed and tells me to stop. I feel her satisfaction, her fulfillment. And tonight I want her to experience it full blast! I've sensed her restlessness all week, that Beta isn't fulfilling her. Not the way I can.
  • "Hello Abijah my beautiful friend, how are you this evening." I smiled, "Doing well I hope!" I glare at that Beta, but I'm not wasting time on him. Not when my lovely Abijah is sitting here looking so divine. "I am doing amazing, Tank, how are you?" She grins, I'm amazing also, especially when you look and smell like this! I take a big whiff of her. "You surely smell amazing, my sweet friend!" I say looking deep into her eyes making her blush, Magnificent!
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